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Soft & Fluffy or Rich & Smooth? The differences between Gravity and Pump Soft-Serve machines

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There are two types of soft-serve/frozen-yoghurt machines. Basically with either variety there is a hopper into which you feed your frozen yoghurt mix. Inside there is a cylinder in which the freezing takes place. In order to prevent the mix being frozen into a hard solid there is a beater inside the cylinder. The beater also whips the product to incorporate air into the mix to make it smooth and soft.
When it comes to gravity soft serve machines they feed the mix into the cylinder with gravity. In contrast, the pump fed machines have pumps to feed the mix by pressurizing the hopper. There are advantages and disadvantages with each type of machine and it is interesting to learn what they are.

  • In the first place, the gravity type machines are cheaper than the ones that have pumps to feed the mix.
  • When it comes to the addition of air into the mix which is called the overrun, you have better control when you use one with the pump. With gravity fed machines control of overrun is not as easy as with the ones with pumps. The maximum over run you could get with a gravity fed machine is around 30% which means when you add one liter of mix you could get a yield of 1.30 liters. But with a machine that has a pump to feed the mix could give you an overrun of up to 70%.
  • Gravity type machines are easier to use, clean and maintain. They have fewer parts. Even if you have an interval between dispensing, the machine could be brought down to working speed quicker.
  • Choice of machine could depend on the size of your business also. If you are one with a big sale the one with pump is the better choice as it uses 20% to 25% less mix than with gravity achiness. Therefore, when you use a big volume you will make substantial savings. In contrast, if you are a small business the gravity type machines are better as the wastage is relatively low and the machines are also cheaper.
  • One of the critical differences between those machines also comes down to taste. When you have a well-aerated soft serve ice cream (pump machine), it has a better texture; it is smoother and perceived as creamier. It also looks bigger on a cone than a less aerated serve of the same weight (gravity machine).On the other hand, a soft-serve ice cream made on a gravity machine has usually a stronger and more intense flavor on it. It is also heavier that its counterpart which comes handy on a self-service store where clients pay by weight.
For full information on soft-serve/frozen-yoghurt machines follow this link http://www.bestsoftserve.com.au/#equipment
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