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Frozen Dessert Trends

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The frozen dessert market is a continuing evolution of trends that are changing fast. Generally trends in desserts stem from what a chef thinks would match their latest savoury or spicy concoction. With access to social media, web reviews and old fashioned word of mouth, consumers have the ability to constantly express their needs, desires and ideas not only to their friends, but also to dessert franchisers who wish to stay on top of dessert trends. With the dessert market continuing to grow in size, the latest trends focus on new flavours, customisation and drinkable desserts – beverage ranges. Just like any other market, businesses want to be the market leader, the first company thought of when the words “frozen dessert” are heard.
Lets talk about flavours
Familiar flavours such as vanilla, chocolate and strawberry are holding onto the title as the fan favourites, but it’s not from the lack of new flavours. Now being more adventurous than ever, consumers are willing to try unconventional flavours in their ice creams and desserts. Pairing sweet and savoury together, there are green tea, bacon caramel and cheesecake flavours that are trying to break thru in the ice cream and frozen yoghurt market. Flavours provide the unique experience for customers to have at their favourite dessert bar. Many franchisers change their flavour selection frequently to create excitement and stand out as consumers come to try the new innovative flavours on offer. 

A huge trend worth following and acting upon is customisation. There is huge potential sales to those consumers who are seeking to “make it their way.” Easy to implement, as seen in many of the frozen yoghurt stores with self-serve – create your own offering stores. Instead of picking and choosing from meus, customers create exactly what they want, the way they want. Customisation helps cater to customers need, whether for dietary or allergy restrictions, taste preferences or nutritional info, the ability to indulge in frozen desserts especially catered to your own needs is a large trend that is growing within the food markets.
Drinkable Desserts
From sorbet blended smoothies to infused iced teas, the option of a blended beverage for dessert over traditional ice cream is a growing trend. Fancy drinks such as an iced mocha frappe with a shot of caramel sauce are taking centre stage. The key to selling these beverages is to make them sound, look and taste as desirable and indulgent as the world’s best fudge pudding. Infused beverages such as teas have become a trend to watch. Herbs and spices such as basil and lemongrass are popular infused teas on the menu at many cafes and diners as people start paying more attention to their diet and healthy options, infused flavoured teas, have grown in popularity and selection. Along with the innovative flavours, franchisers need to be aware of the texture or “mouth feel” that goes with their beverages, having real fruit chunks in smoothies can be both an exciting effect of the beverage or can also put people off the drink option. The texture of a beverage makes that beverage stand out, there is nothing better for consumers than the smooth, creamy feel of their favourite indulgent chocolate frappe.
Frozen desserts are evolving and riding along the major trends present in the food industry. With consumers paying a larger attention to their diet, franchisers are offering healthy options with their desserts, ensuring those who are health focused can still indulge in their favourite frozen treats. Healthy desserts is a trend that is starting to take growth in the dessert market and will continue to expand like it has in the food industry, however until then consumers are still finding the time to locate their favourite ice cream or frozen yoghurt store to treat themselves. Desserts have to be executed perfectly with the right balance between flavour and mouth feel - a unique flavour may spike attention however it’s the execution of the full package that is worth a second order. 

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