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The Frosty Boy logo is recognised as an Australian icon as well as a symbol of fun and summer. Since the first concept of the logo was drawn up in 1976, there have been a number of adaptations to it in regards to design, colour, layout and text.

The first official Frosty Boy Logo was created in 1975 and featured the Frosty Boy holding a soft serve cone. This original logo debuted the colours that soon became recognised with the Frosty Boy brand, with the brightness of yellow, blue and red, the logo was associated with summer and fun. Therefore promoting what the Frosty Boy brand is all about. After establishing a recognised logo across Australia, Frosty Boy went on to create a slogan that would also be recognised as part of the Frosty Boy company. “Often licked, never beaten” became the Frosty Boy slogan that first created a frenzy amongst everyone, but soon became a recognised and remembered slogan for the Frosty Boy brand.

As the Frosty Boy products continued to expand throughout the market, a few design concepts were created in order to match the products that were being advertised, however not all of them were circulated as a recognised Frosty Boy Logo. The Frosty Boy beverage range including Frosty Ice had a few logo designs. One design concept that was used was the Frosty Boy holding a milkshake cup that was often used to promote the milkshake and thickshake range and also used when the products were being talked about. Another design that was created for the Frosty Boy beverage ranges was completely different from any other designs in layout and in colours. Still sticking to the blue/yellow/red combo and the Frosty Boy face, a design was constructed that centred on Frosty Boy as the name. This design was created in 2008, to be used solely for beverages and even now appears on the Frosty Ice products in POS material and on packaging.

After 24 years, Frosty Boy Australia made a few subtle changes to their recognised logo. Firstly Frosty Boy changed the direction the boy was facing. This change was simply to create a better flow where the logo would be placed, whether it be on POS material or in advertisements. The second change was the ice cream cone switch from a cup cone to a normal cone. The decision behind this change was normal cones are what Frosty Boy use for their soft serve, rather than cup cones that are associated with fast food restaurants. Not only did Frosty Boy change which cone was being used they more than doubled the size of the cone, making it a dominant design feature of the logo.

With a recognised logo and slogan circulating and promoting the Frosty Boy name it was hard to forget. With the logo being everywhere possible it made sense to create a design that was more compact and easy to place as well as including the slogan. This concept was the next stage in the Frosty Boy logo evolution. Although no drastic design work was added, this was a large change for the Frosty Boy logo as no other designs had added text. This design remained as the main Frosty Logo until 2011, where a new design layout was created and distributed into circulation as the new symbol of Frosty Boy.

2006 saw the latest adaption to the Frosty Boy logo with changes being made to the layout, text, colours and size. Before deciding on a final design there were many design concepts that were drafted that showcased the development in making these decisions. The most recent logo states it is Frosty Boy Australia to differentiate themselves as an Australian company, priding themselves on producing 100% Australian made products, which is a big seller in the International market. In a sense comparing the new logo with the old the differences are quite drastic. Firstly the layout of the entire logo now has a circular base to it which in a design perspective holds the logo and text together. The overall colours have been lightened, going from neon to a pastel look with the addition of black used for the Frosty Boy slogan ‘once licked, never beaten.’ The final change is the text, with a new font, size and layout completing the logo.

Since the creation of the most recent logo, Frosty Boy has also adapted the design to suit certain occasions. In 2008 a ‘Frosty goes Green’ environmental friendly concept was designed and in 2010, 2012 and 2013 Christmas themed versions of the Frosty Boy logo were circulated on social media and print articles.

Despite the changes in the design of the Frosty Boy logo is still continues to be recognised as an Australian icon.
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