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The Buzz around Slushies

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Frosty Boy Logo Thumbnail Many restaurants and cafes have been focused on adding different and more innovative beverages to their menu in hopes of attracting more customers and standing out amongst the competition. These new beverages such as frappes, smoothies and infused teas had driven sales and increased profitability so much so that a number of known fast food chains have seized the opportunity and are experimenting by enlarging their beverage options. The buzz surrounding soft drinks was slowed down and customers moved towards the frozen beverage options. These options were still limited to smoothies or coffee based options and let the market option for something that offered the flavour of a juice or soft drink as a frozen beverage. This hole was filled a slushy – an icy beverage favourite mixed with flavouring syrups to create different creations.

There are a number of variations when it comes to creating a slushy with some beverage providers choose to use non-carbonated juice, plain ice with flavouring syrups or the Fruchilla range. The Fruchilla range is a 99% natural fruit juice concentrate that uses natural flavours and colours with no added sugar. Unlike other products sugar cane syrups that lead to blood sugar spikes and weight gain, Fruchilla concentrate comprises 99% fruit juice is high in nutritional value and very pleasing to customer palates. As well as being the new popular frozen beverage, Slushies are simple to make and require just the one machine – a granita machine. These machines do not require a pressure chamber resulting in them being cheaper and easier to
maintain, there are approximately 50,000 granita machines in the U.S market according to Vitamix. Creativity is critical when it comes to differentiating your menu and when customers are seeking out frozen beverages it’s all about appearance and taste. Combining syrups and flavourings with a few seasoned fruits allow you to mix flavours together to create a flavour and taste that differentiates your menu. The type of Granita machine you use plays an important role in the outcome of these factors.

With the rising popularity surrounding slushies the customer demand is all year round, not just a summer treat. Customers enjoy them as a snack or simply because of the creativity and variation of slushies – they are just fun. Frozen beverages are high-margin menu items that sell well and are easy to adapt to on the menu.
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