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Frozen Yogurt

The Natural Goodness of Stevia

It is hard to ignore the growing concern around diets and healthy lifestyles. While many customers are focusing on making healthy choices...


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The Buzz around Slushies

Many restaurants and cafes have been focused on adding different and more innovative beverages to their menu in hopes of attracting more


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Frosty Boy Logo

The Frosty Boy logo is recognised as an Australian icon as well as a symbol of fun and summer. Since the first concept of the logo was drawn up in 1976, there have been a number of adaptations to it in regards to design, colour, layout and text.


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Soft Serve Ice-cream

Frozen Dessert Trends

The frozen dessert market is a continuing evolution of trends that are changing fast. Generally trends in desserts stem from ...


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Monalisa Stevia, indulgence sans guilt!

Frosty Boy is pleased to announce the launch of the first and only low calorie frozen yoghurt made in Australia, Monalisa Stevia. Monalisa Stevia is an ultra-low calorie frozen yoghurt containing only 80 calories per 100g. This is the perfect choice for health conscious customers looking for a truly guilt-free delicious treat – 99% fat…


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