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Frosty Boy Abroad – With Felipe Demartini

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At the end of August, I enjoyed a short trip to Vietnam. 

This was a great chance to catch up with existing and potential clients, while also exploring the current market environment and how Frosty Boy can be proactive in capitalising on various opportunities. 

Vietnam is a beautiful location, with amazing people. With nearly 100 million in population and a developing economy, Vietnam is becoming a major player in the foodservice game within the South East Asian market. 

Vietnam is considered a ‘hyper-growth’ market; it is expanding rapidly and this is expected to continue in the coming years. 

We currently supply our product to some key international QSR players in Vietnam and are excited to see how we can further establish our products in this part of the world. 

Similarly to other South East Asian countries, Australian-made products are highly regarded in Vietnam. 

QSR chains in Vietnam have placed food safety as a top priority. This is such a good sign and means that Australian manufacturers, with a similar ethos to Frosty Boy, can continue to grow their presence in countries such as Vietnam.

Part of this trip was researching what is already available in the market and I tried a number of products on offer, while viewing the marketing in place across various brands. 

Vanilla soft serve is still the biggest seller for the QSRs however, there are strong signs that the market is starting to offer a few menu innovations, which is common practise for most sophisticated markets. 

It is so important to understand how consumers respond to menu offerings, menu innovation, price points, limited time offers, while reviewing the location’s specific taste profiles. This knowledge ensures we can offer value to our clients’ businesses through developing effective strategies to help them succeed through using our product. 

The outcome of this trip was highly positive and a great chance to engage with key clients to discuss the current environment.

We look forward to continuing to work with our Vietnam clients as the market continues to grow. 

To discuss how you can incorporate Frosty Boy’s products into your business, email Felipe Demartini on felipe@frostyboy.com.au.
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