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Why are Smoothies so Popular?

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It pays to be creative
Smoothies may seem like a pretty simple concoction: fruit + ice + cup + straw, however experimenting with out of the ordinary ingredients is what is keeping the trend as popular than ever. While fruit smoothies are what started the craze, it is the experimentation beverage vendors have undergone with flavours is what keeps consumers coming back for more. Hitting the beverage menus lately have smoothies which include yoghurt, avocado, mango, kale, spinach and coconut water to create a different, creative flavour. Adding beets has been a huge flavour creative flare for smoothie consumers. It is not just the flavour being expanded but the serving suggestions as well being served in jam jar style cups to appear more modern.
Consumers are more aware of healthy alternatives
While carbonated beverages are still popular for their convenience and taste, consumers are looking for an alternative that will fit with their newly adapted healthy lifestyle and also provide the daily health benefits. For the smoothie market, this offers an opportunity to provide consumers with a healthier blend of beverage, replacing sugar with Agave or Stevia along with other alternative sweeteners from fruit such as pineapple and mango.
Millennials view Smoothies as an everyday beverage
For millennials, smoothies have become an everyday ritual viewed more as a snack or meal replacement as opposed to a refreshing beverage to treat themselves with. Millennials are the prime target market for smoothie and shake shops as they are young, health conscious and have fast paced, busy lifestyles. Instead of sitting down for breakfast or lunch, they tend to lean more towards picking up a smoothie and continuing on. While older generations often choose a beverage based on the season and/or weather, millennials will indulge in blended beverages and smoothies all year round – it’s a trend.
Consumers view smoothies as an easy way to achieve their vegetable intake
With such a focus on health awareness, fresh vegetable consumption is on the rise and consumers are using smoothies as an easy way to ensure they are receiving their recommended daily vegetable intake. Greens such as kale and spinach are popular smoothie ingredients and are easily camouflaged with fruit for a full ‘health’ focused smoothie.
Rising health consciousness coupled with hectic on-the-go lifestyles have directly impacted the demand in smoothies in recent years. Consumers are becoming more concerned with sugar and fat content, as well as their daily recommendations of fruit, vegetables and added proteins – looking for healthy alternatives is one the forefront of their mind when dining out. The smoothie trend shows no indication of slowing down and as long as consumers are focusing on healthy choices and something that fits with their busy lifestyles, beverage menus will remain filled with smoothie options.  

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