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Our dessert trend insights - 2017 and beyond!

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It’s an exciting time for desserts, with creative serving concepts and flavours flooding the market.     

Last year saw the rise of hybrid desserts, where two desserts were combined to produce one ‘decadent creation’. A leader for this hybrid trend was the conut - where a doughnut inspired soft serve cone was created.

Many of the contemporary trends are modern twists on classic desserts, creatively redesigned to satisfy the growing market.

This includes the popular spin on the traditional ice cream sandwich to feature more adventurous or gourmet ingredients such as macarons, cookies and brownies.

It’s not just the look of desserts which are enticing consumers, it’s also the flavour selection and the quirkier the flavour, the more excitement among customers.

The Asian market is a front runner in quirky flavours with the most adventurous or non-likely building momentum.

Soft serve flavours presented on dessert menus across the Asian market have included miso powder, sakura, lychee, green apple, muscat and the most unlikely flavour of all, sardines.

Ethnic and worldly food variations have prominently influenced the market since 2015, especially the flavours of green tea and honey. We have also seen a rise in Thai flavoured desserts, with an example, the Thai Peanut Butter Pretzel.


While loving the decadent dessert options, consumers are also searching for the ‘healthier’ alternatives, with ingredients such as guava, lavender and blood orange blossom sweeping the market.


It’s an exciting and inspiring time for the industry and it’s important that businesses think creatively in order to stay competitive.


As always, we’re happy to support these business in whatever way we can. The beauty of our bases is that they are so versatile they can placate whatever our clients desire, no matter the quirkiness in flavour or design.


We’re ready for anything and can’t wait to see what else comes to trend beyond 2017

To discuss how you can incorporate Frosty Boy’s products into your business, no matter how creative your idea is, contact Felipe Demartini via Felipe@frostyboy.com.au 

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