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Frosty Boy Abroad: China

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Frosty Boy Australia’s General Manager Sales & Marketing, Felipe Demartini discusses his discoveries of China’s fast growing foodservice industry.     

China is a huge country, with a rapidly growing foodservice industry. With so much opportunity for us to continue to expand in the region, our focus is on continual innovation to keep the market engaged.

To do this, and just like how we engage with all the countries we export to, we maintain a close connection with the consumer market.

Last month I visited Shanghai with Frosty Boy’s General Manager Research and Development Sarah Cutler and Frosty Boy’s Sales Manager Greater China Rutian Mi.

We currently supply a range of soft serve, beverage and frozen yoghurt powder bases to a variety of businesses in China, including medium sized foodservice chains.

China’s economy remains strong and Shanghai represents a modern market with its Quick Service Restaurants showcasing a strong clear western influence.

Soft serve continues to be prominent within the scene, with most key players offering the product. Where China is different to most markets, however, is that frozen yoghurt is still growing quite quickly, with a number of businesses incorporating the product to provide their customers with more options, while enhancing their profits.

Businesses are also providing their customers more options through the diverse flavours across their soft serve or frappe menus. Locally inspired frappe flavours include Taro (a root vegetable), red bean and green tea, while flavours from the west making waves across China’s café scene are cookies and cream and salted caramel.

China’s market is also ensuring its flavours complement seasons. We visited around Valentine’s Day and noticed Red Velvet soft serve was heavily promoted, as was Blue Velvet which had a fantastic vibrant colour!

Overall, the trip was incredibly interesting to witness first-hand how the market is continuing to evolve.

The knowledge gained from our overseas visits, which this year alone has included the USA, Costa Rica, Columbia and the Middle East, can be directly applied to our research, development and marketing activity to ensure we continue to innovate and provide our clients the best products to serve their customers.

We look forward to returning to China for Hotelex, Shanghai from 28 – 31 March. This will be a great opportunity to meet potential new customers, while also engaging with current customers to continue to help their businesses succeed through incorporating our products.

Email felipe@frostyboy.com.au to discuss how Frosty Boy can assist your business with value-added products.

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