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Frosty Boy Abroad – With Felipe Demartini

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Halo-Halo inspired Sundae, a unique flavour to the Filipino market.

Frosty Boy recaps on some of the amazing experiences we have had exploring and delving deeper into overseas markets.     

One export region that has rapidly expanded over the past year is South East Asia, and in particular, the Philippines.

At Frosty Boy, we pride ourselves on understanding our export markets and a huge part of this includes immersing ourselves to experience first-hand what products, flavours and creations are trending. This knowledge ensures we can provide our customers the best product solutions.

This was the case in May as Frosty Boy’s Sales Team, joined by our General Manager Research and Development Sarah Cutler, travelled to the Philippines to explore the soft serve and frozen dessert market in the city’s capital, Manila.

The purpose of this trip was building our knowledge of product types and flavour combinations that are currently trending around the Philippines and to do this the team visited a number of frozen dessert retailers.

The vibrant Cherry Blossom flavoured soft serve. We saw that the Filipino market was following in some international trends with Charcoal coloured desserts being a prominent theme across the market. This trend is evolving over the international dessert scene, with retailers using the interesting colour to intrigue customers.

Extremely sweet flavours are popular in the Filipino market, more so than what we’re seeing in Australia. Desserts such as the Halo Halo (evaporated milk, ice cream, coconut and mixed fruit served on crushed ice) and mango flavoured soft serve are common, often mixed with sweet toppings, fruits and syrups.

It was also evident that the Philippines is adapting its flavour combinations to cater for wider markets with Asian inspired flavours such Japanese Cherry Blossom, Chinese Bamboo Charcoal and Green Tea prominent.

Similar to the Australian market, bubble waffle cones are an emerging trend along with suiting both sweet and savoury palates. The Filipino market surprised us with serving savoury flavours such as bacon and cheese, which although they were unusual they were well balanced with sweet flavours.

Charcoal soft serve, topped with caramel sauce and fruit.

The unique flavours and combinations discovered in Manila show just how diverse the frozen dessert market is and how it is constantly evolving.

Research trips like this are so useful in discovering first-hand what is trending internationally and we’re very excited by some of the unique and popular products we saw in the Philippines.

Most of all these discoveries continue to inspire and motivate us to create industry leading products which are tailored to meet what each market’s customers desire.

To discuss how you can incorporate Frosty Boy’s products into your business, email Felipe Demartini on Felipe@frostyboy.com.au

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