Cheese Sauce




Cheese Sauce

Cheese sauce is an extremely popular menu item and can be served over anything from Mexican-style dishes such as tacos and nachos to burgers, fries, hot dogs and more with flavour options like Spicy Mexican and Smoky Bacon.

Our cheese sauce has a distinct tangy flavour, a texture that pulls and melts well and a rich colour that adds to its appeal.

Simply mix with hot water and it is ready to use. This easy to prepare, versatile powder mix is perfect for a variety of food applications and can be served hot.

Product Code:K5001
Packaging:0.250 kg bag
24 bags per carton
Shelf Life:9 months

Nutritional Information

Average values, calculated from the data provided by the manufacturer and/or supplier of the raw material.

  Average quantities per 100 g dry powder Average quantities per 100 g finished products*
Energy 1700 kj (407 cal) 340 kj (81 cal)
Protein, Total 4.3 g 0.9 g
Fat, Total 15.2 g 3.1 g
– Saturated 6.8 g 1.4 g
Carbohydrates 65.7 g 13.1 g
– Sugars 18.6 g 3.7 g
Sodium 3200 mg 639 mg

* when reconstituted as per original mixing instructions

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